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Passport and Visa online – PAVO is licensed and Registered with the U.S Passport Agency to hand deliver passport applications for quicker priority processing.

Why use a passport or visa expediting service?

When you need your application for a U.S. passport handled quickly, professionally and securely, our experience will make it a success:

  • Need to travel sooner?  No problem! Passport And Visa Online (PAVO) can get your passport application processed in a fraction of the time it would normally take if it goes through the direct application process.
  • PAVO expedites passport applications by carrying them to the U.S. Passport Agency in person and following up on the progress daily on your behalf.
  • SAME-DAY issue (Some applications may be issued on the Same Day or within 24 hours) *Requires proof of departure within the next four business days to be submitted to the passport agency and the application + documents MUST be shipped to PAVO using overnight shipping.
US new passport application

First U.S passport

Use this service if you are a US citizen who has never had a passport issued before, or if your most recent passport was either issued when you were under the age of 16 or has been issued more than 15 years ago!

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Renew a U.S passport

Use this service if your current passport has expired or is expiring soon, current passport must have been issued no more than 15 years ago, while you were 16 years of age or older at the time it was issued.

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Change name on passport or add new visa pages

Passport Amendment

Use this service if you need to amend your current passport because you have changed your name (marriage/divorce/court order etc.) Note: if your passport was issued more than 12 months ago, you have to apply for renewal instead.

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replacement passport application

Lost, stolen or damaged passport?

Use this service if your passport was lost, stolen or damaged / mutilated in an accident, the process and requirements are quite similar to applying for a new passport. Note: in case of a damaged or mutilated passport you need to write & sign a letter “Attn: U.S. Passport Agency..” explaining how your passport was damaged.

Replacement Passport

Second Passport

Use this service if you are a US citizen who is in a rare circumstance: unable to complete travel plans on the current passport, or cannot cancel the current passport in order to obtain a new one. A second passport is the exception to the rule. The general policy is that “no person shall bear or be in possession of more than one valid or potentially valid passport of the same type at any one time.”More Information

US new passport application

Official U.S Government Passport

This service is for those who are authorized to hold a US Official / Diplomatic passport. *Original authorization letter from the appropriate agency to have an Official Passport, is required (usually, from the travel office in your government agency)

Official Passport


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